Your story Anywhere!

We place digital art, stories & information, onto the real phisical world, with AR (augmented reality). 

We conncet Digital and Physical places

And here is how you can use it

Create Interactive Tours

Create a unique series of augmented reality (AR) storytelling experiences, designed for everyone, from kids to elderly. Produce exciting adventures, learning experiences, and interactable games.

Here for example you can see the old pioneer from Kibbutz Zikim calling people to eat together in the common dinning room

Exhibit your

Showcase, promote, and sell your art wherever you desire. Sharing your gallery in various places for high quality immersive cultural experience.  

Here you can see a butterfly flying in the

Camera Mini

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Selfie Mood

Capture memories in day or night with exceptional low-light picture quality

Small Size

Lightweight and compact, the Mini can go anywhere with you

Instant Print

Instantly print your pictures, they will develop in less than two minutes!


The Mini doesn’t fear the weather, capturing your best moments even in wind and rain

Get Your Mini and Feel the Vibe

Create new memories at home, at a party or in the great outdoors
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Product Features

Instantly print 62X48mm full color, high quality pictures

Lightweight and compact, take the mini anywhere

Durable and ready to capture amazing nature sights

Selfie mode for you and all of your friends

Powerful flash capable of capturing the scene at night

Compatible with AA batteries available widely

$ 130,90

Get Your Mini 
and Feel the Vibe

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