Taking our Digital Creations Outdoors

We are stepping into the era of DOOH (digital out-of-home), where technology connects us not only with each other but also with places. Connectivity is the purpose, and Augmented Reality (AR) is the tool

New human-centered forms of Storytelling

And this is how YOU can use it:

Telling your story on-site

Engage visitors with your content, and place an immersive, thrilling experience around it.

Produce exciting adventures, learning experiences, and interactable games, to tell the stories that lays all around the visitors.

Content is now interactive

Not only you can now stay in touch with your visitors, but you can also modulate the content through time.

U can also capture videos and frames to cherish and share meaningful memories

Ready to show your story EVERYWHERE?

Join us to bring the public space to life!

Who can benefit from it?


We are making municipalities innovative, improving connection with the citizens, and exposing the city’s achievements through out the years. we offer you to build a bridge and size the opportunity for a whole other level of historical, cultural, and social communication. 


Let’s collaborate to make your organization shine with innovation. Lead with us the blend of the digital with the physical by creating compelling tours, stories, exhibitions, events and much more. We want to grow with you and help your content and visions come a life, literally.

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Art and Culture

From battlefield simulations to industrial assembly processes, our AR technology enhances precision, communication, and coordination, allowing for faster, safer and more successful mission outcomes. Empower you forces and industrial workforce with this game-changing tool, and stay steps ahead of the competition.

Tour Companies

Augmented Reality brings field trips into life. allowing tourists to immerse themselves and make a better connection with a place. From exploring historical stories, to cultural revolutions, AR brings unparalleled level of engagement and excitement to your company.

Some of our collaborators

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